Spanish lessons in Benidorm

In Academia EducA Benidorm we know about the needs of all tourists and foreigner who come to our city, so that we also design courses and lessons of Spanish language for all of them, even if they come for only one week on vacation or if they live long term in Benidorm, or maybe they have a company or a business but the have a limit in their clients because of their poor Spanish.

Native teacher and with a lot of experience teaching Spanish

We have Spanish teachers with wide experience in other countries and teaching both young learners and adults or retired people. The Spanish lessons are focused on the needs of our students and we use a intuitive learning methodology, like when you learn your mother tongue.

Quality groups and not quantity groups

The groups are very small (maximum 6 students) and the are divided by levels: beginner level, intermediate level and conversation level. The lesson times are very flexible, we have lessons in the morning, afternoon and evening.

If you are interested just come to our Spanish school in the centre of Benidorm and ask for our discounts.


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