Learn Spanish in Benidorm

Spanish language is one of the most important languages in the world, there is no doubt of that. There are many schools all over the world, there are many methodologies, there are many teachers, etc… but what we can ensure you is that the best way to learn a language, it is just SPEAKING it!!! That is why we invite you to come to one of the best Spanish school in the whole Costa Blanca, Academia EducA Benidorm.

Total immersion in the Spanish language

From the first time you go in to the classroom, our teachers talk to you in Spanish, our methodology is by intuition, like when you learn your mother tongue. We focus on the 4 SKILLS of the language: READING AND USE OF SPANISH, WRITING, LISTENING AND SPEAKING. But what we actually give more importance is to the listening and speaking part, they are the most important points at the time to have a conversation, and most students when they come to our school what they want is to get on the language, or simply because they are on vacation, or because they live in Spain and they want to speak with spanish people…

Small groups and native Spanish teachers

One very important thing when you learn a new language in a school is the size of the group in which you enroll. It is not the same to give a lesson for 15 people, that to give a lesson for 6 people maximum. And for this reason most of the students come to us is because we choose quality before quantity. And another very important thing is that the teacher is a native spanish teacher, he knows very well the grammar and the tricks of the language, and he has a lot of experience teaching Spanish in several countries to very different people: adults, retired people, teenagers, children, workers in a company…

Private lessons 1 to 1

But if what you are looking for is to learn the language faster and personally, then what you need to have is private lessons. With the private lessons all the attention is focused on you, there is none else in the classroom apart you and the teacher. Private lessons are more flexible because you do not depend on a group, you just depend on you and the teacher.


8 comentarios en “Learn Spanish in Benidorm”

    1. Hola!!

      we can only offer him, 1to1 lessons. Spanish lessons either for adults or children we have individual lessons, not in groups.
      If you want to pass by the school we can have a chat and we will find the best classes for the kid. We are in the old town in Benidorm, Calle Olivos 3.

      Thank you for contacting us. Hasta pronto!!

  1. Hello, I would like to know the prices for Private lessons 1 to 1 in Spanish. Are there discounts available if I book 10 or more hours? Thanks in advance!

  2. Hola! I am looking for spanish 1:1 teacher for my 16 year old daugther. She already has basic knowledge of Spanisch but wants to improve. Are there lessons possible in the week of 30 Ocotber? Like every day one hour for 5 days?
    Kind regards

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